On Valentines Day my quartet had a break late afternoon and I suggested that we go sing for a bank clerk who used to be a neighbor of mine. But we arrived at 5:02 and the bank had closed. We spent several minutes peering into the windows to see if we could spot her. Then the manager came and opened the door to ask what was going on. We told him and he said she had just moved to another branch and locked up again.

But, for the whole time there was a woman using the ATM by the door and she then asked what four men in purple shirts were doing. We explained we were delivering Singing Valentines and could we sing to her instead. She brightened and said yes, but please let her get her teen daughter too.

After some heavy persuasion the daughter joined her from their car and we sang a love song to their beaming faces. Afterwards each of them gave each of us a huge hug and then they drove away. We never exchanged names and we'll never see each other again, but not one of the six of us will ever forget that Magical Moment.

Keith Eckhardt for the Group Therapy quartet

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