On Valentines day we had 24 deliveries (and 6 more freebies). The really special delivery was from a high school student to his girlfriend. He met us at the front of the school just as classes let out and he then went to get her. While we waited, many students came up to us to ask what was happening. They were really upbeat and fun to talk to. When we sang, about 100 kids circled around us and all but two were quiet and really focused on the singing. The girl was blushing and smiling all at once. The boy was serious and kept looking to see how she was dealing with it. As we were leaving, many students called out to us with complements or came and shook our hands. What a super experience. And boy did that kid raise the bar for the rest of the guys.

Keith Eckhardt, Bari for the Got Music? quartet

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