At the end of a long day we pulled in a driveway to deliver our 32nd valentine and a gentleman came out of the front door to greet us. He said, "I have a special favor to ask. I ordered this singing valentine for my wife and my daughter. Both of them are deaf. Would it be all right if I stand in the middle of the quartet while you are singing and sign the songs to my wife and daughter?" Of course the answer was "yes."

I personally was mentally and physically exhausted, but somehow the quartet was able to summon the emotional strength to complete our two song set, The Story of a Rose and Let Me Call You Sweetheart. The smiles on the faces of his wife and daughter while we sang and he signed is a picture that will never be erased from my memory. My exhaustion was gone and I was blessed with a cherished new insight about the beauty of singing, even for those who cannot hear.

John McDougald, Streamwood, IL

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