12 hours, a hundred songs, a hundred miles, many great experiences. An early-morning spot on Channel 11, the local NBC television station. A luncheon group of Red Hat ladies, exploding with applause. The wife of a senior Marine Corps officer serving in Iraq, squeezing the hand of her six-year-old grandson, both in tears. Two lunch-time elementary-school groups singing along to God Bless America. The retired foursome from Canada, whose favorite song is "When I'm Sixty-Four" (which we were happy to perform.) The nurse at the Marine Corps Air Station clinic. The Valentine's Day party at the rest home, bringing tears and cheers. The treasury is fatter, the quartet is thinner, but I'm safe in saying, we'd do it all again, for free, for the opportunity to brighten so many lives.

Rob Bailey, Baritone, "UnFourGettable Arizona Sun Dried Water Company"

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