Our quartet was assigned to sing a Valentine to a man at a business. We went to the address and the receptionist pointed the way to his part of the business. We got to his department and learned that he was the CEO and was having a Board meeting at that time. We told his secretary that we thought that his wife's valentine trumped the Board, opened the door of the Board Room, entered, handed him his rose and card then announced a Valentine from his wife.

Fortunately, his BoD and his personality were such that they were amused rather than upset by our intrusion. We were certainly incented to sing those Polecats at the highest possible level of quality...we rang the chords!

We thanked them and opened the door to leave. In front of us was the whole office staff some 20 or 30 people sitting on desks, standing in aisles, etc. "Encore" they were saying loudly...

We sang 'Coney Island and 'Marylou' for them and left a happy office. The board room door did not close until we left!

Terry Mann for the Men In A Chord quartet

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