Magical Moments

Each year the Tacoma TotemAires has caroled the whole month of December, going to hospitals, nursing homes and retirement villages. This year we increased the number of places we visited. One night we split the chorus and doubled our capacity and then agreed to meet afterward at a local bar. One member suggested we do a Flash Mob at the bar, so our tenors entered first and went to the far end of the bar, then the baritones and basses went to the middle while the leads went to the other end.

The tenors and leads both blew pitch pipes and we began Jingle Bells. The place immediately broke out into applause and wolf whistles. We continued to sing several songs and our quartets went to several tables and sang as well. Finally we moved together to order meals and drinks.

Then the real magic began. First, one gentleman bought the drinks for all 28 of us. Next our President and Membership VP talked with men who showed interest, got their information and gave them ours. We now have four new recruits. Finally, the chorus had such a good time as a flash mob that they keep inundating chapter leaders with the places they want to visit and "have a heck of a good time" as a flash mob.

Two years ago this would NEVER have happened, but we are a chapter with a new vision and our men have caught it. We went from 8-10 attending then to 30-40 attendees now each week.

Ed Gentz
Tacoma TotemAires

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