Magical Moments

Being the "Shameless Recruiter" than I am, this Christmas season I decided that giving men I want to recruit a Barbershop 4-part harmony experience would do more than all the talking I do. I then helped three non-barbershoppers to learn three Christmas songs and we had a great time working through them. I then asked them to go caroling with me and told them we would go to a medical facility.

The facility I chose was a hospice where the people we would be singing for would not probably see Christmas. It was very difficult to sing because we all became a bit emotional. The second lady we sang for opened her eyes, smiled and raised her hand. We then sang for all the other patients.

As we were leaving the charge nurse told us that the second lady had died. She very quickly added that the lady died with a smile and her hand still raised.

The guys that went with me now know that music reaches even those at death's door and makes the end peaceful. All of us sat in my car and cried as we left. Music sung from the heart amazes me every day.

Ed Gentz
Tacoma TotemAires

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