Magical Moment #28

I have been quartetting for more than twenty years and have had several moments worth remembering. But In all those years, the best happened last year, and I will never forget it.

My quartet was hired to sing at what I would call an upscale retirement facility. The day before the performance the new activity director called and asked if we could come fifteen minutes earlier to sing to a patient in the Memory care unit, who used to sing Barbershop.

What the activity director did not know was that we had been to the Memory Care unit before to sing to our friend and longtime member of our chorus. So of course, without hesitation we agreed to show up early.

When we entered the unit, he was seated and immediately jumped up and rushed to us shaking hands and giving hugs. The same sparkle in his eyes and infectious smile he always had was there for all to see.

We asked if he wanted us to sing. Even though not one word he said was understood, it was plain that the answer was most emphatically yes.

While all the other residents sat and listened, he would not sit down, but stood right in front of us listening. When we asked if he would like to sing, he rushed over and stood with us while we sang. When he tried to communicate, he could not be understood, but when he sang, we heard words. Although we could not comprehend all his words, it was enough to make a memory, for all of us.

Ken Leonard of the 4th Dimension Quartet

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