Magical Moment #29

When my quartet arrived at "The Asylum", a Dead Kennedys CD was playing at about a zillion decibels. The flat plasma TV screens suspended from the ceiling were showing MTV, and the oldest person in sight appeared to be about 25.

It turned out we were delivering a singing Valentine to the owner and staff of one of LA's hottest visual effects studios. We asked for the owner who appeared to be about all of 30 years old. He in turn paged the entire staff of about 20 to come out and see what his friend had sent him for Valentines Day. Well all these kids assembled in the lobby. I would venture to say there was not one body that was not pierced or tattooed somewhere. So here we were, four guys older than everybody's father, dressed with our red sequined bow ties, suspenders and arm garters.

I thought to myself, "Let's just get it over with. These kids are really going to laugh at us. Let's make it quick and get out of Dodge.

I couldn't have been more wrong.

They applauded. They yelled. They screamed. They whistled. They loved us! They were all in a party mood and we were the icing on the cake. It was one of the best audiences I have ever experienced. They loved our music and what we were about.

Lessons learned:

  1. Sing your heart out every time you perform.
  2. Barbershop is not just about singing "the old songs". It's about four part harmony sung in the unique style called barbershop.
  3. And never, never prejudge your audience.

Bruce Schroffel
Santa Monica Oceanaires

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