Magical Moment #30

I had the pleasure of singing as a bari fill-in with Got Music? on February 13th. After warming up with Kent (tenor), Keith (lead, filling in for Tom) and Dick (bass) we began our day at the Placerville Hospital.

When we finished our song at the second nursing station, a young woman asked us to sing for a friend who needed to be cheered up. We went to her room, sang our song to her friend, who cried and smiled at the same time. As we left the room, the young woman thanked us and noted that it was the first time her friend had smiled in two weeks.

A simple song in four-part harmony brought hope to a suffering patient!

As a first timer (in a quartet before an audience), my day was marvelous! The wonder of our hobby is that we get to do something we love and it brings joy to others. Our day was filled with many happy stories.

Thank you Got Music? - please invite me to sing with you again in the future.

Roger Fetterman
President, Sutter Creek Chapter

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