Magical Moment #31

The Santa Monica Oceanaires received a paid request to sing two songs to "Muffin" for Valentine's Day. We pulled up to the "___ Body Shop" garage and stepped around the multiple fenders and bumpers to make our way to the office, fending off the strange looks from all of the workers.

As we peeked into the one-desk room filled with papers older than most of us, we saw a 6' 2" behemoth with a scruffy beard and a cigar stump in his mouth.

I meekly asked, "Is Muffin here?"

"Who wants ta know?", he growled.

I smiled and said, "We have a singing Valentine for Muffin!"

He looked around and said quietly, ". . . I'm Muffin."

Four loud "gulps" were uttered, and then we gamely sang "Let Me Call You Sweetheart" to Muffin, while all of the workers piled in to listen. After the second song we beat a hasty retreat through the yard and were on our way to the next stop, happy to have made it safely back to the car!

Jim Leedom

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