Magical Moment #33

As the Music Committee quartet was walking down the sidewalk to deliver a singing valentine to a local merchant, some tourists stopped us and asked if we were going to be singing. We said "yes” and they asked if they could follow. "Of course!"

I knew the recipient, so she greeted me without the slightest clue of what was coming. W hen I told her, she was totally flustered and didn't know what to do except smile and blush. Her young assistant was jumping up and down with the news and was really "up in the air" over it.

Mary held her rose and kept going from big smiles to a question on her face of "oh my, is this really happening".

Afterwards the tourists followed us out and wanted our picture. They wanted to show and tell the story at home in Hawaii. After the husband took our picture with his wife joining us, t he wife decided she had to take a picture too.

Isn't Barbershopping grand?

Keith Eckhardt
Music Committee Quartet

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