Magical Moment #34

Got Music? delivered 12 valentines on the big day (Our chapter had 4 quartets out). Near the end of the day we went to a small Mexican restaurant to deliver a valentine to the owner's wife. As we walked in, a smiling customer said "Are you here to sing to us?" I told him we certainly would be singing. "But to us?" he said. I told him it just might happen. We went to the back of the room where the food preparation area was behind a counter. We sang our songs to a young women who blushed through it all, obviously enjoying it. To both of our songs the restaurant erupted in applause and cheers.

Then we went back to the customer and told him we were ready to sing to them. Then he said he was only kidding. Sorry, we said. You asked and you get. His wife beamed through it all while he was totally embarrassed.

One freebie with two really different responses was pretty cool!

Keith Eckhardt
Bass: Got Music?

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