Magical Moment #35

Jest For Phun, a registered comedy quartet, as well as a FWD Senior and Super Senior Quartet Champion, has been performing Singing Valentines for over 11 years. We have many stories that keep us excited about this event.

Yesterday was one we'll remember for a long time. We were asked to perform for the Oak Park High School Girls' Soccer Team, at the end of one of their league games held at California Lutheran College in Thousand Oaks, California. We arrived a little early in order to check out the location and decide how we would keep this a surprise. We took a parent into our confidence and worked out our plan.

As the team shook hands and returned to the sidelines for their after game pep talk, we broke into the huddle and said, "Sit, we're honoring you with a singing valentine from your coach". Their screams made everything worth while. Parents then surrounded the scene and cameras started flashing.

After singing "Heart Of My Heart" and enjoying their applause, we added, "It's not over yet, and now from the boys of Oak Park High School, we'd like to finish with, You Made Me Love You". The smiles and screams were again worth doing the performance for free.

As we left the field, the coach ran to us and said, "You've made our day". As we returned to our car, we said "What a hobby".

Jest For Phun
George Dallas, leadbr> Jim Laverty, tenorbr> John Ford, baritonebr> Larry Krause, bass

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