Magical Moment #36

After knee replacement surgery I spent another 4 days at a recovery center and they treated me like royalty. They even purchased an additional wi-fi router so that I could fix a problem on my website.

Months later I brought my quartet to their social room for a free performance as my thank you. Around 40 patients and staff showed up and it was a fun time. But one patient was a man whose body was twisted and his motions jerky. While we were singing I looked his way and noticed one finger tapping to the beat of our song. I figured I had just been paid a large sum, knowing that our music meant something to him.

As we headed for the front door, their Occupational Therapist caught up with us to apologize for missing our performance, which she really wanted to hear. So I playfully asked her “Isn’t it your birthday today.” It only took her a fraction of a second to realize my intent and she said “Why, yes it is.” So we sang happy birthday to her beaming smile. This outing produced two magical moments.

Keith Eckhardt for the Group Therapy quartet

Keith Eckhardt
Bass: Got Music?

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