Magical Moment #37

We were delivering singing valentines and a friend asked us to deliver one to her mother, in a lock-down unit of a nursing home. We naturally agreed to do so and arrived there at meal time. All of the residents of the unit enjoyed the song, so the C.N.A. who escorted us asked for a couple more songs.

As we sang, I noticed one gentleman singing along with us. His face, which had been kind of blank, lit up as we started singing, and he smiled while he sang along. As the C.N.A. escorted us out, I commented on it and she told me it was the first sign of emotion he had expressed since he had been in the facility. She had spoken to him about his obvious enjoyment and he told her he had been a Barber Shopper in Glasgow Mt. years before.

Itís amazing what can come out of a singing valentine!

Milt Gray, Great Falls Mt.

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