Magical Moment #38

At District Contest last month in Vancouver, WA a group of barbershoppers happened to be ordering lunch at the Subway across the greenspace from the hotel. A petite, grubbily dressed lady was paying for her lunch at the counter. In a feisty but bubbly manner, she rambled on about how she would prefer to hang around with the homeless than with all those rich guys in BMW’s. She also kept trying to pull the barbershopper behind her into the conversation.

After some back and forth kibitzing, he asked if she would like him to sing her a song. Her eyes widened and she said that would be great. This barbershopper turned to the others in line behind him and without hesitation, three more of our Evergreeners stepped forward and sang “Heart of My Heart” to her. Watching her face glow and eyes sparkle t hrough her weathered features was priceless. She looked as if she had just become the most special person in the world.

When the song was done she gave them all a group hug and followed up by thanking and hugging each of them in turn—twice. It was wonderful to see how the gift of barbershopping can brighten someone’s life!

Greg Verhappen, Western Hospitality Singers Calgary AB

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