Magical Moment #41

In the SOUND UNION quartet, between the four of us in our quartet, we have done many more than 100 Valentines so we are not new to the game. However, this year we had a Valentine that we will enter into our record book.

We were asked to be at the end of 3rd Street in Hermosa Beach and "on the beach" at 8:00PM. As you may suspect, at that time of night, it is dark, cold and and a strong breeze comes in off of the ocean. We arrived on time and looked around both buildings on the strand to no avail. We then noticed that away out on the sand almost to water's edge, there was a glow of light and a canopy with two people in it. As we became accustomed to the light, we also noticed that there were pink light sticks arranged to form a pathway out to the area and rose petals were sprinkled along the way. So, out we went into the night almost bending into the chilly breeze. As we approached, a young man unzipped the side of the canopy and asked us in. He was our host. Inside we viewed a very pretty young lady who was seated at a small candle and torch lit dining table. On the table were champagne, flowers and what appeared to be a fine Asian dinner.

So we scooted around to get to the far side of the table, so as not to be singing into the wind and performed our hearts out. The young lady seemed to be impressed by our appearance and songs in spite of all of the amazing display that she had been provided before our arrival. We left her with a Polaroid photo and a rose. They left us with a unique memory.

God bless this wonderful hobby!
Denny Lawrence

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